General Questions

Q1. What your products are?


We develop products for the preparation of certification exams for various vendors. We provide products PDF format.

Q2. Do you also provide certification?

Q3. Which certification should I choose for myself?

Q4. Will I be able to pass the certification exam with Question & Answers Product?

Guarantee, Support & Updates

Q1. How long do I have to claim guarantee & Support from you?

Q2. How often do you update your products?

Q3. Do you provide free updates?

Q4. How can I receive updates?

Q5. I have updated my products but I am still getting an older version. What should I do?

Q6. The product has less number of questions before. Why?

Payments & Products Downloads

Q1. What are the payment gateways you accept?

Q2. I have already paid for the product. When will I be able to download the product?

Q3. Where can I download the product?

Q4. I have already placed an order. However, upon visiting user center, I am unable to see my active products for downloading. What seems to be the problem?

Q5. I have forgotten my password, what should I do?

Website Security

Q1. Is my credit card information secure with you?

Q2. Will any third party have access to my information on your website?

Miscellaneous questions

Q1. Is there any operating system or any other requirements for using this product?

Q2. Can I get any discounts on multiple products?

Q3. I used the product and failed, how can I get the refund?

Q4. What if I find problems with your products?